Masamune-Kun's Revenge - Season 2 Review
Masamune-Kun's Revenge - Season 2 Review

Masamune Makabe was once chubby but he worked hard to make himself the hottest boy in school. He then set out to carry out a revenge plan to get the girl who rejected him cruelly back.

He was successful in making her fall for him but then she discovers it was actually Yoshino who was behind everything.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 2 Story

It’s been a while since Masamune-kun?s Revenge first premiered in 2017. The cultural festival arc brought the anime to a close, leaving fans to wonder if there would be a sequel. The second season reunites the talented staff, with Mirai Minato directing and Silver Link producing.

Natsuki Hanae and Ayaka Ohashi return to voice Aki Adagaki and Masamune Makabe, respectively. The duo is joined by Inori Minase as Yoshino Koiwai and Miku Ito as Muriel Besson, who have been added to the cast for Season 2.

Ayaka and Muriel are studying Japanese for their manga writing career, with the latter wanting to make authentic Japanese people into her characters. They both decide that Masamune would be perfect for their purposes, despite the fact that he is an otaku and a shoujo manga fanatic.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 2 Plot

Masamune Makabe is attempting to execute his revenge plan on Aki Adagaki who dumped him and gave him the nickname Piggy. The problem is that things often get a little more complicated than he originally planned.

To start, he finds out that a girl in class 2-B is trying to produce a play about him. He tries to intervene but ends up stepping into her play. He also wagers a food item with Kanetsugu Gasou and wins.

As the school year progresses, he gets to know Neko Fujinomiya, a transfer student who ends up being in his class. The two take part in a karaoke battle where they sing songs while burning calories.

Neko also reveals that she stole a photo of Masamune and Aki as children. While he tries to convince her that she should not fall in love with him, she continues to pursue him. This irks him because it is like he is playing a game of one step forward, two steps back with her.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 2 Characters

Eight years ago, Masamune Makabe was cruelly rejected by his childhood crush Aki Adagaki. Since then, he has worked tirelessly to shed his fat physique and transform himself into a princely man with the hope that one day he will get a second chance at love with her.

However, it seems that Aki has forgotten about him and moved on with her life. It is implied throughout the first season that there is more to her rejection than she let on, and this could be explored in this new season.

The main cast returns for the sequel, with Natsuki Hanae and Ayaka Ohashi reprising their roles. Miku Ito joins the cast as Muriel Besson, a French otaku who seeks Masamune’s help for her manga project by using him as the model for her hero and Aki as the heroine. Yoshino Koiwai and Neko Fujinomiya also return as important characters in the story. Yoshino is employed as Aki’s maid and is persuaded by her abusive boss to aid Masamune in his nefarious scheme, while Neko rekindles an old friendship with the boy and falls for him.

Masamune-Kun’s Revenge Season 2 Animation

As the show draws to a close, it takes several steps towards resolving its remaining plot points. One of the most intriguing is the way it handles Aki Adagaki’s rejection of Masamune Makabe.

Eight years ago, she rejected the chubby boy who was nicknamed a piglet. He was heartbroken and disappeared, only to resurface as an ideal gorgeous lad with perfect grades and athletic prowess.

But he still wants revenge on the girl who rejected him. To that end, he meets Muriel Besson, an eyepatch-wearing French mangaka who wants to create a romantic comedy with authentic Japanese high schoolers. She believes Masamune is the ideal model for her love interest, and she reluctantly enlists his help.

In addition to Masamune, Muriel also asks for the help of her maid and follower Yoshino Koiwai. Yoshino appears clumsy, but is actually cold and deceptive. She’s able to manipulate others easily, and her true feelings are revealed when she attempts to trick Aki into falling for her again.

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